The Week in Review: your five minute guide to politics and current events (24th-30th September)

After four years of riding bare-back on horses, diving for Greek antiquities, saving endangered tigers, racing Formula 1 cars, playing concert piano and generally pretending to be good at absolutely everything, Vladimir Putin (Vlad to his Mum) declared this week that he’ll be President of Russia again next year. 

Never one to let technicalities like popular sentiment or the constitution get in the way of ambition, Putin had his mate change the law last year so he could have another 12-year stint at the top job, starting in 2012. Horses across Russia have breathed a sigh of relief.

Julia Gillard doesn’t play concert piano and has never found an ancient Greek pot at the bottom of a lake. What’s worse, rumours continued to circulate this week that Kevin Rudd is set to make a play for her job. KRudd himself is playing down speculation of a coup. That’s because he actually thinks he’s still PM. On Tuesday, after getting off a plane he said “I am a happy little Vegemite being Prime Minister”.

This strategy for coping with not being in the top job – known as ‘complete denial’ – has been employed by other politicians too. Next month John Howard will be releasing his memoirs about his time as Australian cricket captain.

In reality, Julia Gillard has got bigger things to worry about than her happy little Foreign Minster; she’s got to find a name for her new dog.  The PM notched up 50 this week (years, not voters) and partner Tim Mathieson gave her a Cavoodle to mark the occasion. Given that the new pup is an attention seeking, big-eared, mongrel who pisses all over everything, she might call it Tony Abbott.

In entertainment news, the organisers of Channel 7’s Brownlow Medal coverage on Monday showed that, when it comes to objectifying women, there are still loads more things we haven’t thought of. Like putting wives and girlfriends on a rotating wheel. Apparently the wheel was borrowed from the studios of Sale of The Century (see it in action here). At next year’s Brownlow the hottest girls will be auctioned off for charity.

Once the proceedings got underway, Dane Swan continued his superb run of good form, picking up the Brownlow to go with last week’s Best Treasurer in the World gong.

And finally, after a disappointing response to At Home with Julia, the ABC announced this week that it won’t be extending the series to a second season. However the station is apparently considering a new program, At Home with Tony. The up-close-and-personal expose will show the Opposition Leader doing push-ups in his lounge-room while chanting “No new big credit card bills!” and “Stop the junk mail!” Not to be missed.

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